Admission by Audition Only


Admission to the Destination Broadway® Learning Experience is by audition only. Each year several hundred aspiring young artists audition for about 90 places in our program. Since we have a return rate of about 30-40% of our former students, we are only able to accept about 50 new students each year.

Why Auditions?



We feel that the audition process is important for several reasons. First, we want to make sure that we reserve this opportunity for serious, motivated young people. Second, we want to make sure that there is some level of talent and training so that our students are able to take advantage of the opportunity. Finally, for anyone serious about this business, auditions are an important part of what it takes to be successful and should always be part of the program.




Auditions at your school or with your group.

You can schedule an informative learning session for young artists and parents at your location. We will talk about what it takes to be successful, how-to’s of auditioning, what to sing and how to prepare, what casting directors look for and he will answer your questions about the business. In addition, we will host auditions for the Destination Broadway® summer learning experience. If this is of interest, please contact us immediately through the Contact Us tab on our website.