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MASTER CLASS: Success with Self Tapes

Musical Theater Auditions

Clifton Samuels works with a select group of our talented DB Students on Musical Theater Audition Techniques​. With so many theatre audition requesting self tapes, it's important that your work translates to the camera to make that great first impression. In this Master Class, Clifton shares the tips and techniques to take your on camera audition to the next level and stand out from the rest.

Duration: 2 Hours

TV & Film Auditions

Clifton Samuels works with a select group of our talented DB Students on Film/ TV and commercial  Audition Techniques​.  Clifton gives you the tools and techniques you need to pull together a professional looking on-camera audition. This master class covers everything from on-camera acting techniques to lighting and backdrop. 

Duration: 2 Hours

MASTER CLASS: Caroline Bowman

Caroline Bowman

 In this Master Class Interview Broadway Star Caroline Bowman shares her ​incredible insight to the realities of a career on Broadway.  "Be open, you never know who you are going to meet along the way, And remember there is not one way to do something, so be confident in your own journey."  Caroline's positive attitude and love of not just performing but love of the work is contagious. She reminds us that the desire to improve and push yourself can never go away if you truly want to succeed.

Duration: Approx 40 Min


Laura Osnes

In this master class interview Broadway Star, Concert performer and film actress Laura Osnes shares her secrets to success. Like many of you, Laura's passion for performing began at a young! ​Learn from her incredible story and her journey to Broadway... and eventually film! Her story proves that talent and perseverance are not all you need for success. Your reputation, kindness and being someone others WANT to work with is key.  

Duration: Approx 50 Min