Talk w/ Tiffany

Broadway Star Tiffany shares her knowledge and experience. She covers moving to NYC, walking into your first audition, having the right mindset, booking your first Broadway show, and sustaining a career.  This is a crash course in approaching the industry and understanding what YOU are responsible for as you develope a reputation in the industry. 


Topics covered:

  • Auditioning

  • Mindset

  • Physical Health

  • Mental Health

  • Building your Book


Duration: Approx 40 Min


Erin Wilson

“Everyone is talented, so what are YOU going to do to make your dreams a reality?” Erin talks you through finding the right audition song and what that really means for you and answers the question that we all wonder, “does the perfect audition song exist?” Erin’s approach to the industry and the audition process is both positive and realistic. She reminds you that after you’ve put in 110% of the work, you must trust that you are enough. 

Erin Willson’s career spans Broadway, National Tours, Film and Television, Directing/ Choreographing, and Writer.  With the many hats Erin has worn in her career, she offers a wealth of knowledge to any aspiring or professional performer. Erin has trained with the internationally known Institute For Vocal Advancement (IVA) and teaches private lessons and master classes ranging from Musical Theatre, On Camera, and even How To Market Yourself!

Duration: Approx 30 Min

Alicia Albright

In this interview, Alicia dives into  the importance of setting the right mindset. In an industry where you often hear NO more times than you hear YES, your mindset and attitude control everything, Having the right mindset can set you up to have a successful audition and even a successful rehearsal. Alicia discusses the power of mindset and the importance of setting an intention for your work. 

Alicia has had an extensive career on Broadway and National Touring companies. She teaches master classes in how-to pick a dance audition quickly and talks about what choreographers are really looking for.

Duration: Approx 1.2 Hours

Clifton Samuels

In this interview Clifton gets right into the nitty gritty of the audition process. Clifton talks about the importance of doing THE WORK, before every audition and what that really means. He discusses all sides of the audition process and how to prepare for a successful audition. Clifton shares his journey to Broadway and the big screen, and his story might surprise you. His story proves that it doesn't matter where you come from… if you are willing to do the work and put yourself out there, your dreams can come true. 

Clifton’s extensive career spans Broadway, Film and Television, Radio City Music Hall, National Tours and Symphony stages. 

Duration: Approx 50 Min