Parent/Student Testimonial

September 21, 2017



Parent Experience: 


My experience.  LOVED it.  The energy was so HIGH and full of positive actions and thoughts.  You could feel it when you walked into the room; and not just from the kids, but everyone.  The information shared at the parent's meeting was wonderful and exactly what I had hoped to hear.  It is LIFE experiences you are giving the kids, NOT the opportunity to just sing, dance and act on a stage.  Those experiences are priceless and will carry these young students far in life.  The information and classes (from the descriptions) were a welcomed changed/addition to Gwen's experiences.  In fact, I shared some of the email about the MESSAGE with my (private business sales) team; as everywhere in life, that message is true.  From a parent point of view, I welcomed the change and the NEW BIG ENERGY in the room.  


Student Experience: 


Gwen's experience:  She was OVERJOYED with the newer, upbeat classes and information as well as the fresh perspective.  She was SO excited to be a part of this experience (more so this year).  Again, (sorry to keep saying it) the energy was amazing, strong, and positive; but most importantly TRUE.  I could tell by her text messages that she was over-the-moon with excitement and was taking every opportunity to listen, learn and apply.  Gwen does not "compare" anything or anyone.  She focuses on what she can learn and what she can share with others.  Hearing her talk was touching and she came home with a new appreciation and the bigger picture.  


I will say, that she was EXHAUSTED when she returned!!!  She is always tired after this camp, physically and emotionally, but this time around she was exhausted.  BUT, that is a good observation because it shows me that she was very focused and intent on learning and not missing any opportunity to grow.  


With that, a Big Thank you for all that you and your staff do to make this experience wonderful, positive and TRUE for the kids!  Next year, I will be staying an extra day to take the College Prep Class!  


This camp has been an experience for all of us and I am thrilled it is moving toward giving the kids LIFE skills to find success anywhere in life!  So important!  Everyone NEEDS to feel good about themselves and sharing that hearing “NO” is an important part of LIFE (not just when auditioning or performing) is such a BIG message.  That had a BIG impact on ME when Tiffany shared that story!  Loved it!!!!

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