Parent Testimonial

July 3, 2018


Dear Jim and Tiffany,


My daughter, Emma, participated in Destination Broadway last summer 2017.


We are so grateful for the experience that she had in the program. We were so pleased with the teachers that you lined up, and appreciative of the rigor of the teaching. I thought you did a great job of making it glamorous to be in New York, but reinforcing the importance of getting along, behaving well, and working hard. You didn’t just do feel good stuff with the kids, and you managed to push them into areas that they hadn’t explored or didn’t know much about. Although Emma takes dance lessons in Knoxville, she doesn’t think of herself as a dancer. When she was placed in the “Dancers Who Sing” group, she gained more confidence in her abilities, but also realized that she should work harder on her dancing. Your training included some ballet, which was a stretch for her. Thanks as well for all of the meetings with the parents. We were grateful to have the help with the college audition process and other items that were covered.


I thought that being able to work with Adam was a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Until the kids have worked with a real music director/accompanist, they just don’t get certain things, and I loved that he shared so many things that were helpful. I loved the musical theater touch that he plays with (rather than just a classical guy playing through the songs), and I loved how he told the kids to politely tell an accompanist that they needed a different tempo. Emma was confident enough to ask him about why he did certain things during certain tunes, and he was kind enough to explain it in a clear and polite way. As a drummer, I was also really pleased that you all hired a professional drummer to accompany the rehearsals and the performance. I was also impressed with the musical selections that you all used for the performance. Instead of just using standard crowd pleasers, you went with Bernstein, and you actually used some slow music.


We were so pleased to be able to attend your performance at 54 Below. It’s such a wonderful venue, and the show was terrific. We loved all the preparation that you did to choose great songs that tied together for a great evening. I was particularly impressed with Tiffany's version of “Glitter and Be Gay.” I thought you sounded effortless on all of it. The symphony that I play in will be doing a three week run of “Candide” in August, so I’ll be even more familiar with it after those performances. Thanks for singing that.


I was really impressed with the way you stressed to the students that the most important thing they needed to do was be nice. I think that with the competition that exists in the performing world (and elsewhere), niceness is something that gets overlooked. It also tied in nicely to what you all said about how you can use musical theatre training in other areas of life.


Thank you and your family for a wonderful week. We all learned a lot and we could not be more grateful.




Bob and Barbara Adamcik

Knoxville, TN

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