To help you become more familiar with our program, here are the answers to questions we are asked most often by parents AFTER students receive an offer of admission. 

What is the Destination Broadway Summer Program?

Destination Broadway is a one-week, musical theatre intensive held during the summer. Acceptance is by invitation only following an audition. There are daily classes in dance (including how to master an audition combination quickly), voice (what to sing at an audition and vocal technique), acting (monologue, reading for an audition, and scene work), audition technique (how to prepare and conduct yourself at an audition and what casting directors look for).

Why is this course being offered to young people ages 8-18?

We feel that it is important to help young people that are working to excel and succeed in the performing arts. There are very few opportunities for 8-18 year-olds to learn from professionals currently active in the profession. What to expect at an audition, how to prepare for an audition, what directors and casting agents look for, what skills are essential for success, how to prepare for college auditions, what to expect as you pursue a career....these are all “must know” topics that we spend time on in class. We also have special classes for parents so they may better understand what they can do to help their child be successful and what they should expect as their child progresses. The Destination Broadway program is your opportunity to learn exactly what it takes to be successful and put a personal action plan in motion.

What are the qualifications of the Destination Broadway teachers?

Fantastic! Artistic Directors for Destination Broadway are Tiffany Haas (formerly Glinda in Wicked on Broadway) and Adam Souza (Broadway Music Director). All of our faculty are experienced Broadway performers that love helping aspiring young musical theatre students work towards achieving their goals. Please see the faculty bios on our website. (


Where are the Destination Broadway 2020 Classes held?

Due to the Covid-19 situation in New York City, our 2020 classes will be held in Orlando, Florida, at the state-of -the-art Rosen Centre Hotel, Spa, and Conference Center. This is a beautiful facility with outstanding classrooms and performance spaces. Please see separate information about the hotel and the special room rate and amenities we have secured for Destination Broadway guests staying at the hotel. Google “Rosen Centre Orlando” to see even more exciting features of this property.

My son or daughter will most likely never go to Broadway or even pursue a career in the performing arts. Is there still a benefit to this course?

Absolutely! The skills essential to success as a performing artist are the same skills essential to success in life. One-on-one communications, successful job interviews, speaking to a group, setting goals, developing a strong work ethic, making great 1st impressions, and presenting a positive image are all essential life-skills. This workshop teaches those life-skills using the performing arts as a vehicle.

What are the lodging options, and how do you secure lodging?

LODGING OPTION #1. We recommend students and parents stay at The Rosen Centre Orlando, where all classes are held. Students not at our Host Hotel are responsible for getting to classes daily at The Rosen Centre and getting picked up in the evening.


LODGING OPTION #2. Students age 14+ by August 1, 2021, can stay without parents in our host hotel (The Rosen Centre Orlando) for an additional lodging fee of $695. This includes six nights in the hotel and the chaperones residing in the hotel are responsible for students. Lodging Option #2 students will be escorted to and from classes, and have breakfast and dinner with chaperones daily. All students have lunch provided by the hotel. 

What about meals?

Breakfast and Dinner are available at all the cafes and restaurants located at the Rosen Centre or offsite at many Orlando restaurants. Lunch for all students is part of the tuition. Lunch is catered daily to the rehearsal space. Students selecting Lodging Option #2 will have all breakfasts and dinners included, accompanied by chaperones.


What is the typical daily schedule?

Sunday through Friday we have classes at The Rosen Centre. The program begins with a 1:00PM orientation on Sunday, July 25th, and the program ends with a fantastic 7:30PM Showcase performance on Friday, July 30th.


What do professionals, parents, and students have to say about this program?

Check our website at and see an excellent video featuring our staff, parents, and students speaking about the program. There are several testimonials from students and parents plus some letters from parents.

Can a young child handle this level of activity?

Yes! To date, we have “graduated” over 1600 students. All of our students do well during the week, regardless of age. They are all selected by audition and are pursuing something they love. Our program is challenging, but well within the ability of a younger child. We are very proud that nearly 1/3 of each class returns the following year, and many of our students are in their 4th, 5th, or 6th year! Check the “Testimonials” tab on our website to hear from parents and students. Check our website for exciting information about 8-year-old Erin Cearlock (DB 2011) who was selected to tour with Les Miserables as Little Cosette as a result of her Destination Broadway audition and Lilla Crawford (DB 2009 and 2010) who was selected for starring roles as Annie on Broadway and Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods! And, in 2018, Kavon Newman (DB 2018), age 8, joined the cast of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular in New York as a result of his DB audition!

Who are the chaperones? Will we meet them? How are the children supervised?

Our chaperones are adults, some of whom are owners/directors/teachers of dance schools or performing arts programs. They are professionals, experienced at motivating and supervising young people, and have worked with our program for many years. Chaperones meet students and parents at the Sunday 1PM Orientation Meeting. Chaperones accompany the students everywhere and are with them throughout the day. Chaperones stay in the same hotel as the students and are roommates for older students whose parents do not come to Orlando. (Lodging Option #2 Students)

What activities can parents attend?

Parents attend the Sunday, August 2nd Orientation Meeting at 2:00PM with our staff. During the week we have special information sessions for parents covering several topics including college admissions for musical theater schools. Parents meet with performers currently working in the business, casting directors, talent agents, and have many opportunities to ask questions. We will send more detailed information on the parent sessions, including date and time. Parents attend the Friday, August 7th “Showcase Performance/Presentation” at 7:30PM.

What is the final event for Destination Broadway 2020?

Our program will conclude on Friday, July 30th, with a Showcase performance held at The Rosen Centre at 7:30PM.

How can I find out more information about Destination Broadway?

Go to the website at and see There are pictures of students in dance class, vocal coaching, and scene work, as well as pictures with the Tony Award winners. Please be sure to look at the bios of the teaching staff and watch a video that includes staff, students, and parents.

What is the tuition for this program?

Tuition for the DB 2021 summer session in Orlando is $1850. This includes all classes and activities for 6 days, one-on-one meetings with Broadway casting agents, chaperones daily, Friday Showcase, lunch daily, and special seminars for parents. Parents and guests are invited to attend the Friday Showcase at no charge.

For an additional $695 lodging fee, students age 14 and older may select LODGING OPTION #2. These students will stay at our host hotel 6 nights with chaperones and be escorted to and from class daily. This lodging fee will also include breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily. Chaperones escort these students to all meals and assume responsibility for them during the week.

How can I secure a place in the Summer Class of 2020?

Students accepted after audition will receive a letter along with a packet of information including a 2020 Class Reservation Form. Please return the 2021 Class Reservation Form with a $300 deposit as soon as possible, which is included in your first payment for the program. Due to our desire to keep classes small and the tremendous enthusiasm for our program in Orlando, we are only able to offer admission to a limited number of additional students for 2021. We already have many students returning from previous summer sessions. Therefore, it is important to secure your place in the 2021 Class as soon as possible as there will be alternates waiting to fill any vacancies.

What happens once we send in our deposit? How we receive additional information?

Once we receive your deposit, you are guaranteed a place in the 2021 summer program. You can reach us by phone (757-876-8579) and  e-mail through

Destination Broadway is a once-in-a-lifetime OPPORTUNITY! 

Don’t Miss It!

We hope to see you this summer and...


...hopefully one day on Broadway!