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We feel that the audition process is important for several reasons. First, we want to make sure that we reserve this opportunity for serious, motivated young people. Second, we want to make sure that there is some level of talent and training so that our students are able to take advantage of the opportunity. Finally, for anyone serious about this business, auditions are an important part of what it takes to be successful and should always be part of the program.



At this time, we are only accepting video auditions. Check out how to submit your video in the instructions listed below! Please remember, sing with accompanist!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be difficult to meet with your accompanist; this year we are allowing the use of recorded tracks/ accompaniment for video submissions! 



There are 5 components to a video audition.


  1. Prepare your video that is no longer then 2 minutes in length. Please introduce yourself, tell us in 30 seconds or less why you want to attend Destination Broadway®, what you expect to learn from the opportunity, and then sing an age appropriate song of your choice. This can certainly be a cut of a song.  No background vocals please. NO A CAPPELLA AUDITIONS. You can sing with an accompanist, a recording of your accompaniment, or a karaoke track.  Again, this should NOT be a professionally created, enhanced video. Videos should be posted on Remember, we want to see YOU, not the result of a professionally produced video.

    Posting your video to is very easy and recommended.

             - Go to

             - Create an account by clicking "create account" in upper right corner.

             - Upload your short audition video.

             - On Right side set video as "Unlisted" (only those with the link can view).

             - Below "Uploading" Bar a link will appear in a small box.   

  2. Complete audition form by clicking the Audition form below.

  3. Submit a recommendation from a teacher, dance instructor, vocal coach or other professional involved in the performing arts, by clicking the button below. They can email the completed recommendation letter to

  4. Prepare a headshot of yourself. Make sure your name appears on the photo! This requirement is intended to be EASY and INEXPENSIVE. A headshot is exactly that…a headshot. Spending money for a professional photo is not necessary.

​For more details and information please contact us at

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