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It is our goal to completely immerse you in the world of musical theater, expose you to all aspects of the business and give you real insight into what this business is all about. Our students tell us that this is a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is available nowhere else!

Destination Broadway® far exceeded our expectations. Our son has made life long friends and professional connections that are priceless!” 
- Linda Nichols, DB Parent 

Destination Broadway teaches lessons that are incredibly valuable not only on stage but in LIFE.
Destination Broadway is more than just learning a dance combination to show tunes. This program truly connects you to the industry so you better understand the ins and outs of the business and what to expect as a young professional.

We understand the important role that parents play which is why we offer classes and opportunities specifically for parents to learn directly from casting directors, talent agents, and parents of child stars how to navigate this business and what you can be doing now to help your child succeed.

Our program is about longevity! We want to build relationships with you and help you succeed! This is why we offer an entire college seminar for our high school students. This seminar is led by Broadway performers from different college programs, head of program/ admissions for different programs to give you a deeper understanding of the audition process, how you should prepare and how many are accepted. We also discuss the senior showcase. 


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